The best way to stay connected with Michigan State after graduation is through the Alumni Association (MSUAA). Keeping your address, phone number, and other details up-to-date with MSU is a great way to hear everything that is happening in East Lansing and your local community.





We collect minimal information to maintain this website and to send our newsletter. Although you may be registered with MSUAA, you may not receive our newsletter if you do not live in Chicago or unsubscribed from other MSU email lists. It is best to keep your profiles up-to-date with both organizations.

Even if you have not attended MSU, you can still be informed about our events and work in the community. Anyone can subscribe to our newsletter via our web site regardless of status with MSUAA.

To better inform our planning and the Chicago Spartans experience, please include your interests and other optional data when subscribing or updating your profile.

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