We are Spartans.

What does it mean to be a Spartan?
Being a Spartan brings to mind a variety of different ideas. For some, it’s all about our nationally recognized athletics. Others think of our commitment to continuous learning and professional development. Many just enjoy our social bragging rights!

Yet, we are all united by one common trait—our community. Throughout the world, and even in our own backyards, Spartans value each other. Together we are working to change the professional world with unique ideas and an unmatched dedication. Even when we are not working, we come together to give back to our communities through volunteering, or just to watch the latest game together.

Who are the Chicago Spartans?
The Chicago Spartans community is no different and that is why our mission reflects this. As the largest group of MSU Alumni outside of the state of Michigan, we endeavor to provide the best and most engaging activities for our members. Through our various committees, we strive to provide a positive, welcoming environment that allows MSU alumni of all backgrounds to grow professionally, serve their community, and just have fun connecting with other Spartans. All activities support the mission of the foundation, which is to enable even more deserving individuals access to the university through scholarships.

Join your fellow Spartans
Please join us at any of our events or board meetings. We are committed to an open, inclusive environment and are here to serve our community. If you have any feedback, ideas, or want to get more involved, please do not hesitate to reach out to individual committee members or you can simply email us at info@chicagospartans.com

As Spartans, we are extremely lucky to be a part of a community that unites us with neighbors in Chicago and around the world with just a few simple words—Go Green!