Spartan Alumni Love Dogs, Volunteer with Safe Humane

Board member and dog foster parent Fawn O’Brien knows there are a lot of dog lovers in Chicagoland and a lot of dogs who need more love. So Fawn rallied 13 Spartan alumni and their friends and headed over to Safe Humane to learn about the organization’s efforts and do some dog cuddling. Participants were able to:

Make toys for pups to play with during enrichment periods with volunteers;
Meet Topsy Turvey and Lancelot, two dogs who work with Safe Humane through their youth advocacy, veterans support and court case programs;
Talk with Chicago Animal Care and Control Executive Director, Susan Russell, about the struggles currently facing CACC with overcrowding and learned about the different ways one can volunteer with CACC/Safe Humane;
Visit two different dog pavilions to socialize with pups and feed them treats.

Cat lovers weren’t left out: There was also a cat pavilion where even the non-cat lovers couldn’t resist the sweet kittens.

Safe Humane creates safe and humane communities by inspiring positive relationships between people and animals. Chicago area Spartans were happy to help Safe Humane pursue its mission.

Inspired by this event? Check out Safe Humane’s volunteer page

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